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Pidgin Surveys Users

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
The Pidgin Pigeon

The Pidgin Pigeon

Recently I noticed that the version of Pidgin I was using was mildly out of date – using version 2.5.2 instead of the current 2.5.3; not a major issue, but I figured there would be no harm in updating. Interestingly enough, when on the Pidgin website, I noticed that Pidgin was holding a survey of their current users.

Normally I am very apathetic towards most surveys, as they are utilized for marketing to push more of a product. However, with Pidgin’s survey, it contained questions pertaining to the current setup, layout, and configuration of Pidgin, as well as additional features that users wanted.

I would highly recommend that everyone who uses Pidgin take the survey (located at here) to help the developers identify how to continue with the application. I, for instance, voted highly for the voice & video features, as those are the only two features I regularly switch to other messengers for (usually Skype).

Nonetheless, I hope that the Pidgin developers utilize this survey to achieve priority on features, to continue giving users the best instant messaging program by far.

Edit: Pidgin has posted survey results at